About Us

About Us

MooMooKaw and it's friends are Singaporean premium range of baby products since 2007 and it is now available in Malaysia:) Baanyard was created and exists for the everyday, environmentally aware consumer. That is, those that are interested in making eco-friendly choices when it comes to their purchases but only if those products were of exceptional style, function and quality.

We aim to offer you access to products that match the quality and style of their cotton and timber counterparts, making eco-friendly choice an easy one for those who perhaps sit on fence when it comes to environmentally friendly alternatives.

We only want to sell superior quality bamboo products, and therefore we only stock great products from brands we trust.

Why bamboo? We choose to focus on bamboo products because of the ecologically sound nature of bamboo’s growing cycle - it grows prolifically yet requires little water, pesticides and fertilizes and does not need replanting. In hardwood form it looks and feels divine yet has incredible strength and durability. In textile form, we know bamboo is more absorbent than cotton, feels luxuriously soft to touch and wear and retains some of the bamboo plant’s inherent antibacterial properties. 

We believe that choosing an environmentally friendly alternative, such as bamboo, shouldn't mean compromising quality, function or style. So we have sourced products worldwide that allow you to embrace sustainability...with style.