Anything that the skin gets in to contact with is absorbed by the body. Clothing that contains synthetic chemicals and toxins can easily cause reactions in new born babies, and so it is best to eliminate them, protecting your little ones from skin conditions and allergies. As an example, the textiles in nylon are made from petrochemicals and are heavily treated with all sorts of elements too such as bleaching agents and synthetic dyes. Such things have been linked to immune problems. By choosing bamboo, you’re eliminating these synthetic nasties and limiting your child’s exposure to them as well.


Bamboo requires no chemicals and not much water to grow either, as well as absorbing more carbon dioxide into the air than cotton or timber; what a clever plant! It also releases more oxygen into the air, which helps air quality. If you compare this to cotton farming – cotton being a very popular material for baby clothing – this requires extensive irrigation and chemical spraying. Bamboo is a much greener option and if you’re eco-conscious, you’re going to want your little one in an eco-friendly material.


One of the greatest aspects of bamboo material is that it is 100% natural and biodegradable. This gives real peace of mind when your clothes are no longer needed; the material returns to the earth with very minimal environmental impact. Nylon, on the other hand, takes thirty to forty years; quite a big difference. It is much better to dress your children in a material that leaves almost no environmental footprint, than one that leaves a huge mark.

Super Soft & Thermo Regulating

All parents want their babies to be super comfortable, and with bamboo they will be! Bamboo is incredibly soft, silky and luxurious to the touch, meaning they’ll snug all day and night long. Bamboo also keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer; ideal for knowing that your little one will always be a good temperature. It’s UV protective too; shield your brood from the sun’s rays in comfort when they’re dressed in bamboo.